Christmas is my all time favourite time of the year. I spent 24 Christmases in Lithuania, even when I was living abroad I'd come back for Christmas every year, because there's no other place like home to spend this holiday. I've got a big loving family, who happen to be very talented too. My cousins, aunt and dad would play the piano, violin and sing songs, we'd all play games and had to complete various tasks to get our presents. Of course, we ate a bunch for days and it was glorious! 

This year was very different for me. This is the first year in my life I spent it at work with my one and only family member in Barcelona - Seiniukas. We made cookies, hot chocolate and a couple of Lithuanian dishes, watched Home Alone and had mimosas for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I call it successful Christmas.

Since December is not over yet, I was also working on my 3rd garment. I've still got a lot of black velvet, so I made a little crop top with an asymmetrical strap. Perfect for lounging around in our Barcelona nest full of fairy lights and clementines. 


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