Here we are in 2017. I'm so proud of myself that I actually sticked to my December sewing challenge! I made the last garment of 2016 and it turned out pretty shiny and cool. I may have not sticked all the way to yoga challenge, but I've sorted out my priorities (sleep, unfortunately, is still one step above yoga..) Anyway, 2016 was quite an eventful year for me...
  1. I brought my man across the ocean to Barcelona and we created an incredible nest here in the city centre with a lot of fairy lights, cinnamon smells, all kinds of tea and my beloved lemon tree. 
  2. We did the Fazenda Fest and promised to each other to never be apart again.
  3. I met some incredible people, who always reminded me that you should see life with positivity and a lot of humour (which I always knew, but there are always moments when you tend to forget it).
  4. I went to fashion school and did my first collection. I'm not saying that I'm the big next designer, but it sure feels incredible to pursue your dreams.
  5. I realised how important black colour is for me. It is the year I discovered my favourite colour and came up with this blog. 

I think these are my top 5 of the 2016. I'm not a type of person to make resolutions, because I most probably won't stick to them, because I can't plan for more than a month ahead. Even that I am not entirely sure about. So, the goal for 2017 is to make more fashion in Barcelona, take more inspiring pictures, eat more delicious food, drink more good coffee and maybe actually take advantage of the beach in summer (last summer I was at the beach once, because I hate hurts my white/pink/purple skin haha). 

So, here I want to share my last December challenge garment. I made a pair of silver flare pants. They're made from a very elastic fabric, that I found on sale in Ribes&Casals. When I bought it I thought I'd make a NYE dress, but then I thought it's too predictable, so I made the funky pants! 

Pictures were taken on the last day of 2016. It was another sunny and warm day in Barcelona, so I took my new silver pants for a walk :)

Pictures taken by Kristina Sprindyte


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