Good Wednesday today! The sun's up, the lemon tree's blossoming and Earl Grey is steaming.

I'm starting a new page on the blog - Recommendations, dedicated to places to go and things to do mainly in Barcelona, where I live. I moved to Barcelona over 2 years ago, because I was craving to live in a big city full of young people, creative energy, hipsters, skaters, crazy people and adventures. You know what? I got all of that and more! My friends from all over the world you come to Barcelona ask me where to go, what to do, what to see. So, I thought I'm no expert, but I do know some great places.

I love sewing, taking pictures, walks  by the beach, good food, but nothing can make my mood go up than a good cup of coffee. I am constantly looking for new coffee places, and this week as we were wandering around Gracia, we discovered this cute little local place called "Onna", where they make the smoothest coffee, delicious brownies and vegan carrot cakes. They play great 80's music, have fast WiFi and space for working, which is always a selling point for me. I am a type of person who is usually not productive at home, so I always need to find a cafe close to home to go to work at. Onna is not very close from where I live, but I'll cover my places in the city centre in my future Recommendations posts :) 

Onna Cafe - click to get more info about the cafe!


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