First of all, I have to be honest, I feel a bit guilty for taking so much time on making this jacket, but boy it took a lot of my energy and time. Plus, I'm doing quite a bit of work online, so I'm constantly connected to the wifi. It's always been my dream to go completely online, but I never realised how exhausting staying online 24h could be. Need to get disconnect so bad...So, that's what I did on Sunday...went to the Bunkers, one of my all time favourite places in Barcelona. It's much more crowded that it was the first time I've been there 3 years ago, but I can't blame people for loving it, because it's the perfect spot for hiking, chilling or dog walking (saw so many cute puppies!) 

So, let me introduce you to my newest work - the Gorilla Jacket. I found this fabric on sale in my favourite fabric store and as always had no idea what to do with it. I thought a bomber faux fur jacket would look very cool and I was right! This is the first jacket I've ever made in my life. I'm quite proud of myself, because I even managed to sew the lining in! I had no idea where to start, so went to Youtube for help. I found this girl's video How to Make a Bomber Jacket who made a bomber jacket in a 9min video, and I thought I can do it too! God, it took me 2 weeks to make it, quite a bit of swear words and a lot of patience, but I think the work paid of. 

In December I set a goal to make one garment a week, I failed this time, because with all the other work I have it took me 2 weeks, but I still did it! I have no clue what my next piece of clothing will be, but this weekend I'm going to Mallorca to visit my friend, so it has to be good :)

Pictures by Kristina Sprindyte as always <3



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