Last week was an interesting transition period for me. Some things were not going how I wanted, so that brought me down a little bit, but then I discovered something grand and beautiful - Montserrat mountains. I've been living in Barcelona for 2 years, but never been there! The mountains, the sun, snacks and chats with my friends brought a lot of good vibes back :) So this is my little day trip visual  diary from the mountains.

This is not a post with one of my garments (I am still working on a fur "gorilla" jacket as my man calls it...it takes me longer than I expected, which is not surprising haha so it will be up on the blog next Monday!) This is a post of my daily uniform in not so ordinary surroundings. I came across an article on the Man Repeller, aka my most important news website, called "Is Uniform Dressing The Nirvana of Your Personal Style?", which talks about the importance of knowing your go to outfit, and all the successful people who have their "uniforms". Like Karl Lagerfeld with his black suit, a tie and a glove, Steve Jobs in blue jeans and a turtleneck, Grace Coddington in a black suit, Bill Cunningham wearing his pants and a blue jacket. 

I thought about myself then and realised that I do have a uniform myself! Honestly, I always admired people who come up with great funky outfits, but I was never good at that. I couldn't pull them off. Probably, because I just don't feel myself in them. The good news is I discovered I don't need much in my closet. If I have black skinny jeans, plain shirts, cool sneakers and a few more out there clothes I feel totally confident. My uniform is black skinny jeans, a turtleneck, Vans and RayBans. I like to style it with a lot of earrings and a cool backpack like this one in the picture from Rains. I don't know how long this uniform will last, but it's been working great for me in wintertime for a couple of years now. I change my skinny jeans to shorts with black tights sometimes, or the boyfriend jeans, but turtlenecks keep me so warm and happy! I guess it's a pretty common uniform dressing around the fashion people, but that's not stopping me. I'm staying true to black and minimal. 

Me: *Digs through 50 black shirts to find the right one* 
Tumblr philosophy applied to INBLACK.

Photos by Kristina Sprindyte


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