I don't know how about you, guapas, but I'm very excited about SPRING, so...happy 1st of March everyone! Today I witnessed trees blooming, so I'm assuming spring is here to stay. Y-A-Y! 

I had such a long and stressful winter this year. I lost my job, got fined, couldn't find a job...I think you can see the whole picture, and if you've ever been in this situation you know exactly how it feels (a.k.a miserable). On the good side, it pushed me to find my own path and keep going that way. I started freelancing again, which gave me an opportunity to learn how to build an app, make a game or find out who all the fashion influencers are. So, I guess the losing job thing wasn't so bad after all!

To celebrate spring I took out my vintage Levi's cut off denim shorts, made myself a super soft crop top and a tote bag with INBLACK initials (having summer in mind). Things I learned from making the crop top: zippers are tricky! And always check how stretchy the fabric is (almost failed this one; thank God, I always cut a bigger pattern). 

And here's a question for everyone: would you like to get the patterns for the clothes I make? I'm thinking of sharing some patterns and sewing tips. Let me know your thoughts!

Photos by Kristina Sprindyte <3


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