This post is about a book which brought back self confidence to me and made me feel like I can do ANYTHING. The book #GIRLBOSS was written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of multimillion online fashion retail Nasty Gal, which unfortunately went bankrupt this year. I didn't think about the latest fact while reading the book, because I care about the path you have to go to make it happen.

I'm 25 and I have 2 university degrees. One in Lithuania, one in Spain. I thought I would get more respect from employers for studying and putting so much effort and energy into my education, which turned out to be COMPLETELY wrong. Last summer when I graduated from a university in Barcelona, I started working in a hostel to make my living and to figure out what I'm gonna do after. 3 months later when I lost the job I was very confident that I would find a job that I like in fashion in a month NOT MORE. It's been three months since I'm doing freelance work, but yet, no one wants to hire me. I've been to at least 20 job interviews at big international companies, local companies and organisations, individuals, etc. Apparently, I am not suitable for any of the jobs! People blame the economy in Spain, but honestly, I got invited to so many interviews, but had no call backs. Clearly, my confidence was completely gone, I even stopped sewing. I started teaching English online again, started working with a young entrepreneur from NY on building a fashion app, and started feeling better about myself, because I started noticing that I'm not completely useless and people need me. What a miserable feeling when you sit on a sofa and know that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do today...

Going back to the book #GIRLBOSS. When I went home to Lithuania, I wanted to buy a few book that I will tell you about in the future, and came across #GIRLBOSS. I recognised the girl on the cover and bought it. I read it in like a day. Sophia Amoruso is everyone of us unconfident and doubtful. She worked a lot of silly jobs which she hated, ate old pretzels from a garbage, hitch-hiked, even stole, but she kept experimenting. The experimentation lead to opening a small eBay shop where she sold vintage clothes, which she found in abandoned houses, second hand shops, etc. She was very interested and passionate about what she was doing, which lead to a fast growing business. She doesn't have education, but her education was building Nasty Gal. 

This book taught me that if you do something that interested you with all your heart, people will notice it, because people like things that other people are passionate about. 

#GIRLBOSS now is a community teaching girls to be your own boss, be strong and independent. I can never imagine myself being dependent on someone, so I can identify with this book 100%! 

So, whoever reads my blog, if you ever in doubt and lack confidence, read #GIRLBOSS. It will help you to get back on you track. Meanwhile, I'm going to plan INBLACK summer collection. Thanks Sophia for the inspiration!

Hasta luego,

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  1. Hi! I was talking to you on lookbook.nu and came to check your blog.
    I recently read that book too and really got inspired by. I do LOVE your posting as well, thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great weekend!:)


    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by :) I do love this book, not sure about the tv series tho haha