INBLACK Overalls Dress and Legs Out


This weekend I took my white legs out for a walk for the first time this year. It was so weird. When Kristina saw me she had to cover her eyes, because my white legs were blinding her. It makes me look like a teenage goth with my pale rose skin, so I promised myself this summer to work on my tan (that will be hard work!). I managed to burn my right hand and a square on my back this weekend...I had a nap on the beach on yes, definitely need to work on that.

Other than that I've been FINALLY working quite a lot, so that makes me really happy, because finally I won't feel guilty for buying fabric! Yay to all the future swimsuits and ice cream cones to be had!

Anyway, we're here to discuss my new creations. Thanks to my mum I'm wearing a new INBLACK overalls dress, which was made by my mum when she was visiting. I paired it with my handmade mesh turtle neck, retro glasses and chunky heels. I'm quite a bit obsessed with the sunglasses and glasses right now. I feel like it adds a lot of edge to any look. I'm also very excited for my Curt Cobain 90's white round sunglasses to come to my mail box! 

So, that's my updates. I also increased my caffeine intake a day starting a new job, which I secretly loooove, because coffee is life.

Photos: Kristina Sprindyte

Soundtrack of the pictures: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dark Necessities



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  1. That's so cool that your mam made the overalls dress :D Love how you have styled it, its such a cute look! :)


    1. Thanks for reading! :) and yes, my mum can make better overalls than Zara hahah