As you may have noticed summer finally has arrived to Barcelona and I need to work on my white legs. The thing is I don't tan. It's sad. I'm one of those paper white girls who burn like a lobster in summer. I burn random spots on my body and the worst part is when the redness is gone I still am super white. In spite of that I am committed to at least try to add some bronze to my skin this summer, since last summer I went to the beach ONCE. Yup, exactly one time. So, I want this summer to be different and try to make friends with the sun. Also, I still own a membership to the swim club with sunbathing area in the city, so I may as well use it, right? 

To do all of those things I am missing a bathing suit - the most important summer gear. I own a striped navy two piece swimsuit, which sounds so cliche, I know! I started digging my favourite and new discovered online stores for a minimal swimwear, and I found some pretty great ones for affordable price and some not so affordable to me at the moment, but yet so tempting to try them on.

I'm sharing my minimal swimwear shopping list meanwhile trying to decide which one I want. Here you will find a list of online stores with my favourite swimsuits for every budget. My budget this summer is more like ASOS or Weekday, but I can't refuse to peek into Net-A-Porter or Bonadrag. Scroll down to discover some swimwear with the links to the store! 

Please, comment if you're a fan of minimal swimwear and where you can find it. Thank you!


1. COS Crossover Swimsuit
2. COS Printed Bikini TopCOS Printed Bikini Bottoms
3. COS Bikini TopCOS Bikini Bottoms


Additional points for WEEKDAY for releasing a recycled swimsuit collection for this summer!

1. WEEKDAY Black Swimsuit
2. WEEKDAY Nude Bikini TopWEEKDAY Nude Bikini Bottom
3. WEEKDAY Grey Bikini TopWEEKDAY Grey Bikini Bottoms
4. WEEKDAY Black Bandeu TopWEEKDAY Black High Waist Bottoms


3. &OtherStories Open Back Swimsuit


1. ASOS Cross Back High Leg Swimsuit
2. Calvin Klein Bikini
3. Hunza G for ASOS Swimsuit
4. ASOS Bikini


Additional points to MONKI for featuring real girls with NO FILTER in their lookbook.


1. Alix Reversible Bikini
2. NU Swim Black Straight One Piece
3. NU Swim Straight Top One Piece



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