This post is dedicated to the summer in Barcelona. It's only part black! Last weekend I got my first sun burn. I have a long history of random sunburns...once I fell asleep under the umbrella and burnt a round spot on my bum. Another time I got face paint and burnt the dots. Then there was a time in Mallorca when I burnt my front part of the body, but not the back (I looked like Ross when he went to the spray tan salon and was counting mississippily - Ross's Tan). This time I burnt my hairline (eye roll). That's a part of the beach experience, I suppose. Also, the funny part is that I moved to Barcelona 3 years ago and last year I never even went to the beach, so this summer I promised myself to do it more often! Guys, I got into the sea and I got an adrenaline rush, it felt so amazing, plus my hair looked great that night!

Having in mind all that I took out my orange dress from my favourite Lithuanian brand D.EFECT. Cheers to the most photogenic dress I own and all the summer feels! I styled it with a mesh top I made a while ago, chunky heels and retro nerd glasses. I felt quite fabulous shooting it, I even made a gif - scroll down to the end to see it. 

Photos by my mermaid Kristina Sprindyte

Drop the mike. I mean dress. Drop the dress.


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  1. That dress is amazing! Very photogenic :)

    Ironic Minimalist |

    1. Thank you! The dress speaks for itself for sure! :) check this brand out, they have more photogenic clothes ;)
      Best wishes from Barcelona!