New week, new post on the blog! I like starting the week right, it makes me feel more productive all week, or just makes me feel that I'm doing something right, not just going to work, coming home and exploring Instagram. So, Sundays I try to go to the beach! Yes, I'm still sticking to it and I have hope that by the end of the summer I'll be less pale. So far doing great on this one. Laying at the beach under an umbrella is quite an easy task, isn't it? My days off are so sacred to me. I need to get as much positive energy as possible and get back to my happy self. So, this weekend I started with Seiniukas at a Mexican place having tacos and margaritas, on Sunday I was served waffles made by my personal chef Seiniukas, later continued at the beach, and today I got a fresh haircut and now I'm sipping coffee writing this blog post. I feel so complete and content with my life right now (which doesn't happen so often)! Right when I wrote this my neighbours started construction work outside. Karma. 

We shot this blog post in Montjuic behind the museum of art. It was one of those days when the sun came out after the rain with a heat wave! I drink so much water in summer, I couldn't let go of my bottle of water all day. By the end of this photoshoot Kristina said 'can we try to take some pictures without the water bottle?' Yeah, I think would do great in water ads. 

I styled my new lace up crop top from H&M with my favourite wide summer pants from MANGO, retro sunglasses I from eBay and a statement earring from ALDO, which Kristina got me from Lithuania. 

I love that it's so easy to find photogenic palm trees everywhere in Barcelona. They make very sexy shades, don't they?

Photos: mermaid Kristina Sprindyte
Top: H&M
Pants: MANGO
Sunglasses: eBay
Earrings: ALDO

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