Living in Barcelona feels like living in a hot sauna all the time expect that you can never escape it. To me, as a Lithuanian made creature, sun feels quite overwhelming a lot of times, so I'm constantly having the closet crisis not knowing what to wear to feel good. Do I wear a t-shirt and shorts? I want to wear jeans, but it's too hot. I'd like to wear a button down shirt and shorts, but it's too hot. Then what shoes do I wear? Constant everyday struggles. What I found out works the best is a shirt dress. It's super comfy, you can style it with sneakers, sandals or heels (depending on where you're going) and it won't stick to your body when it's 30 degrees. I got this black shirt dress with sleeve details from H&M which works great in this weather! Also, iced coffee and tea are my life savers 
*takes the last sip of iced coffee*

What's your go to summer outfit? 

Pictures by Kristina Sprindyte


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