I've been postponing to publish these pictures, because I've been feeling quite uninspired lately. You know the feeling when you get caught up in a daily routine and feel like you know exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. Yeah, I go to work and then go to the beach on Sundays, and that's all I do all week, which is killing me inside every day, but I can't find energy for anything else! What do people take or do who do full time 14 hours of work everyday? I need to find out for sure! Meanwhile I'm trying to squeeze in beach time with pictures time every once in a while and usually it works, so I guess that's a plus. 

This was such a hot morning and I was wearing this amazing lace up sweatshirt with boots and white mesh socks. This oversized ASOS sweatshirt dress looks so basic from the front, but then you turn and you have this cool back lace up detail. That's one more lace up idea! 

One more quick note about ASOS - it has such a big variety of products, I get lost there so many times, but last time shopping in ASOS I discovered that the section I love the most is ASOS WHITE, which has interesting designs, unusual cuts, clean shapes and lots of style. I will definitely be checking ASOS WHITE first before anything else. Check the ASOS WHITE section before you get lost in ASOS by clicking here - ASOS WHITE.

Get the dress by clicking here - ASOS White Dress

See you later! Going to the beach ;)


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