Regarding the terrible events in Barcelona on Thursday, the 17th of August, I decided to dedicate this post to the city I live in - BARCELONA. I won't be talking about the 'must see' sights and places to go to, because you can find it on TripAdvisor, but I just wanted to share my story of Barcelona and why this city means so much to me.

The very first time I visited Barcelona was November 2012. I came here with two of my friends. We Couchsurfed since our budget was very limited. We slept on the cold floor in an apartment in Barceloneta neighbourhood and covered ourselves with all the clothes we had. It was rainy and cold all 3 days we spent in the city. I clearly remember ironing my shoes trying to dry them (of course, I wrecked them). I left the city not impressed. 

The summer of 2013 after I came back from Buenos Aires, I decided to do a program Workaway in Barcelona for a month, just because I wanted to speak Spanish all summer long. That summer I discovered how lively, energetic and beautiful Barcelona was. When I came back to finish my university I knew I'd have to come back.

July 2014 I moved to Barcelona after I graduated from university. I had no plan and just enough money for a couple of months. What Barcelona gave me that year was everything I could ever dream of. I was out in the world free as a bird and it felt incredible, even though there was a time I had no job, and no home. At the exact moment when I was thinking about leaving the city to go to teach English to Thailand, or volunteer in India (that actually happened), I met the love of my life - my husband and my best friend. 

Ever since I moved to Barcelona my life has been anything but boring. Not only it gave me love, but also helped me to make my dreams come true. I got into fashion school here, and now work in Prada on Passeig de Gracia surrounded by beautiful architecture and great people. 

So, yeah, Barcelona is an incredible city, which turned my life upside down, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can say that. 

The pictures were taken in Poble-Sec neighbourhood by Kristina Sprindyte before the tragic events. I feel like these pictures perfectly summarise Barcelona - warm, chill and happy vibes. 



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