I seriously can't believe that today is the last Sunday of August, and that next week we start September. It's quite scary how fast the time goes. I spent all summer going to work everyday, eating waffles and going to the beach on Sundays. Obviously, Sunday became my favourite day of the week, so I decided it's the best day to share my go to everyday summer outfit.

I made this oversized t-shirt like a month ago on my day off. It was so hot that I needed something very simple, easy and breathable, so I made this! It's a super oversized t-shirt/ dress that became my life saver this summer. I usually wear it with my black Vagabond slippers, because you know it's 30 degrees everyday here. I also like to wear it with my frilled flare jeans at night when it's a little bit cooler, because I love to layer, and that's one of the reason why I can't wait for the fall to come to Barcelona. I'd like to call this outfit LAF, because that's my favourite type of style - laid back, easy and oversized to have more space for waffles on Sundays. Because Shane makes the best waffles in the world. 

Ok, beach time now. See you next Sunday! 
Let me know what you think about my oversized t-shirt. Thank you!

Song of the week: Lana Del Rey - 13 Beaches


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  1. Love this look! Your style is so minimalistic and edgy, yet so beautiful. Love your site x

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! It means a lot to me :)