Ahh first Sunday of September! I'm so happy not to be constantly sweating with the temperatures cooling down a bit. We can finally make waffles on a Sunday morning without a fan on blowing to our faces. I'm not sure if I'll miss the summer heat, but I will for sure miss wearing nothing but a dress and sunglasses. 

Today I'd like to tell you a little bit about my favourite fabric CUPRO I'm obsessed about, that this dress in the photos is made from. I discovered this fabric a couple of years ago on a trip to Stockholm, where I bought a long black summer dress from WEEKDAY made out of cupro. It's incredibly soft and feels like an angel's touch on your skin (quite a dramatic but a very true statement). Many people are familiar with cotton and the cotton plant. But perhaps few are aware of cotton linter, the fiber used to make CUPRO

Cotton linter is the short, downy fiber that enfolds cotton seeds. It's much softer and more breathable than the regular cotton, but unfortunately, you can't find many clothes made out of this fabric. The only other store where I found clothes made out of cupro was another Swedish brand &OtherStories in Barcelona. I couldn't resist this dress I found there a month ago. It made a perfect summer dress and it will be worn much more in winter as a slip dress with turtlenecks. 60eu well spent!

Please, let me know if you know more brands that use cupro. I'd love to purchase more soft as a cotton candy clothing :)

Find the dress by clicking here: Cami Strap Cupro Dress


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