Last week I spent 3 days in Mallorca and realised that all I actually need is big mountains, water, road trips, good soundtrack and morning coffees on a sunny terrace (isn't that what everyone wants tho?). Funny thing about it is that I was dreaming about living in a big city ever since I can remember, but now that I do, I want the nature back! I want to hear birds chirping not people yelling.

Mallorca is quite a special place for me. Actually, it was the first place I've ever visited in Spain. I went there with my friend to spend a summer working and practicing Spanish. We both were so bad at Spanish at that point and we'd go to Palma (the capital) for a day and to save money we'd buy yogurt and bread for lunch and eat it in some random plaza. It's crazy how things have changed now! Now the same friend that I went to Mallorca with in 2011 lives there now, drives a car around the island, lives in a beautiful flat with mountain views and speaks fluent Spanish. Guess what, now we don't have to save money on lunch and eat yogurt with bread! Now we can ACTUALLY get lunch and enjoy it on a cute little terrace. It made us think what we will be doing in 10 years? Are we going to see each other? Are we going to live in other countries? Are we going back to Lithuania/ could we go back to Lithuania? Will I ever be my own boss? Will I be traveling more (I hope I will be traveling more!)? Crazy to think about how much can change in a few years. I'm quite excited to think about it actually, because I'm so happy with all the changes I've made in these years, and I'm not thinking to stop.

So, here are my mountain diaries with all my thoughts with the soundtrack:

Also, if you ever go to Mallorca, rent a car and do a road trip. In just a few days we went to:
  • Formentor
  • Lluc 
  • Soller
  • Deya
  • Valldemosa
So worth going to ALL of these places!

Have a peaceful week.


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  1. Very nice photos. We are actually thinking of going there to bike around on road bikes. But I guess rental car is much more convenient with all those mountains... ;)

    1. Thank you! I actually saw a lot of people on bikes too, so I guess it's your own choice how you like traveling :)