It's funny that when I was growing up living in a small town I always wanted to be in the big city surrounded by art galleries, culture, fashion and people rushing everywhere. Now that I've been living away from it for a few years, I realised how much I love feeling the connection with the nature and peace. There are so many moments I catch myself wanting to disconnect so badly from everything and just lay in fields watching the day go buy reading while drinking ice tea. That's why I always grasp for the empty beaches, big endless mountains and empty fields. 

Actually, we found this empty spot in Barcelona by accident (that almost never happens in this city). Me and Kristina got a little bit lost (even after almost 4 years of living here I manage to get lost), and found an empty corner somewhere on another side of Park Guell. We made flower crowns, ate oranges and found peace. It was a perfect day off.

This is my way to appreciate Jacquemus SS18 by not wearing it (I totally would if I could afford it), which has so much artistic and free energy. The white dress in the pictures is from ZARA. I'm going to buy some white linen from a market today to make my own Jacquemus vibes dress.

All the dresses below are Jacquemus from www.net-a-porter.com

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